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I Would Love Perfect Strangers in My Life

It’s Friday night and you know where I’d like to be? Back in 1989 watching Perfect Strangers. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not going to happen. I don’t have a time machine. I’d have better luck going to Mypos. I guess family … Continue reading

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I’m Cuter

Here at The DVR Files we like to uncover the truth! For example . . . it is true that Jon Hamm carries around a big package on a daily basis . . . And that LeAnn Rimes is a … Continue reading

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Stop Whining About Ben Affleck!

Yesterday it was announced that Ben Affleck would be the next Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Instead of cheers, I got a lot of this around the social media world. Why all the Ben Affleck hate? When did … Continue reading

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This Bloodsucker Is Back on the Market!

Do you like the nighttime? Is it in your blood to boogie at underground clubs? Do you like your lovers to have sharp teeth? Well, then, I have good news! Everyone’s favorite crazy vampire (and occasional lesbian) from True Blood, … Continue reading

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Which Snack Food Would You Bring Into Battle?

Uh oh! Hershey’s at war with Swiss Miss and America’s snack foods must help! In this time when our hot chocolate is being attacked, we need the best defense we can get. Which delicious treat-savory OR sweet–would you want on … Continue reading

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Let’s Throw Simon Cowell a Baby Shower!

Hey kidz! I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me which must have been DEVASTATING for you but sorry, I was on vacation. I didn’t have time for you plebes. But vacation is over (thank God for … Continue reading

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Hank Schrader is the Blanche Devereaux of the 21st Century

No, I don’t think Hank wants to sing at the Rusty Anchor like my home girl Blanche . . . . Nor do I think he is ready to retire to Miami . . . YET. So what do two … Continue reading

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I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston!

Today is a bittersweet day. Sweet because it is my birthday. Bitter because it is what would have been Whitney Houston’s 50th anniversary of being on Earth. We said goodbye to Whitney in February 2012, but she will live on … Continue reading

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Beyonce Cut Her Hair, and the World Shook

No, Moses did not part the Red Sea AGAIN. That earthquake heard ’round the world was the Earth’s reaction to the biggest news in the history of mankind. Beyonce cut her hair. This is groundbreaking because no one residing on this … Continue reading

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Would You Rather Press Your Luck OR Buy Lots of Groceries?

I try to be an optimistic person but sometimes I get sad. For example, I am upset that Bonkers are no longer manufactured. I wish that Justin and Kelly would have a baby together. I have never gotten over Pamela Anderson … Continue reading

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