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Joe Manganiello and I Will Probably Never Date

Poor Joe Manganiello, the guy who plays the werewolf Alcide on True Blood. He will probably never get to date me. Granted, there are many reasons why he SHOULD date me. We’re both Catholic. I’m age appropriate for him. I know how … Continue reading

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This Bloodsucker Is Back on the Market!

Do you like the nighttime? Is it in your blood to boogie at underground clubs? Do you like your lovers to have sharp teeth? Well, then, I have good news! Everyone’s favorite crazy vampire (and occasional lesbian) from True Blood, … Continue reading

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Alex Skarsgard and I Totally Hooked Up Last Night

You will never believe what happened to me last night. It was really awesome. Alex Skarsgard and I totally hooked up. This really and truly happened. Granted, it was in my dreams, but it was so realistic that I woke … Continue reading

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