2018 Emmy Predictions!

The Emmys have BEGUN and here are the rest of my predictions!

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Who Will Win: Donald Glover, Atlanta
Who Should Win: Bill Hader, Barry

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Who Will Win: Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us. Only because he died.
Who Should Win: Jason Bateman, Ozark. My mom likes the show!

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Who Will Win: Elisabeth Moss, Handmaid’s Tale.
Who Should Win: Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black. I met her once and she was nice!

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Who Will Win: Issa Rae, Insecure
Who Should Win: Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie

Outstanding Comedy Series

Who Will Win: Atlanta
Who Should Win: Barry. Runner up: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Outstanding Drama Series

Who Will Win: The Handmaid’s Tale
Who Should Win: I don’t care. I enjoy Game of Thrones so I’ll go with that!

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Emmy Predictions 2018: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie

The Emmys are just 2 days a way and I have a lot of predicting to do!

Crystal Ball

Right now we are going to visit the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie.

The noms:

  • Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards, American Horror Story: Cult
  • Michelle Dockery as Alice Fletcher, Godless
  • Edie Falco as Leslie Abramson, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders
  • Regina King as Latrice Butler, Seven Seconds
  • Jessica Biel as Cora Tannetti, The Sinner
  • Laura Dern as Jennifer, The Tale

Here is the good news. I have actually seen TWO of these shows. American Horror Story and Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. So I’m really, really informed! I loved both of these shows, but I especially loved Falco’s wig.


While Biel was robbed for never winning an Emmy for her role in Seventh Heaven, it would be a sin for her to win this year. Likewise, it was a godless world we lived in when Dockery lost the Emmy three consecutive years for her portrayal as bitchy sister Lady Mary in Downtown Abbey. It takes me all of seven seconds to tell you how much I adore Regina King, but I did not watch Seven Seconds. And I’ll you a tale – I’ve loved Laura Dern since I saw her in Jurassic Park. Yes, I am very good at puns.

All joking aside, I loved Falco’s performance as tough as nails lawyer Leslie Abramson, who famously defended the infamous Menendez brothers during their murder trial. She brought humanity to people who many say don’t deserve humanity.

In conclusion:

Who I Want to Win: Edie Falco

Who Will Win: Sarah Paulson

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John Legend: EEGOT?


The Emmys are less than a week away and I have been silent. All that changes NOW. Aren’t you lucky!

I’m a bit behind on my TV watching this year – that’s what happens when you have a DVR which can record six things at once and is currently at 95% percent. I have 72 episodes of Dateline to watch. I am dead serious. Would I lie to Keith?

Keith Morrison stance

But you know that being behind with my shows doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about them! It’s one of my specialties, talking about things that I know nothing about! Which brings me to the first Emmy category which I will explore: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie.

The noms:

  • Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso, Genius: Picasso
  • John Legend as Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Patrick Melrose, Patrick Melrose
  • Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
  • Jeff Daniels as John O’Neill, The Looming Tower
  • Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly, USS Callister (Black Mirror)

Let’s be f—ing honest. Did anyone even KNOW that there was a limited series about Picasso? I had to google it so see what network it was – National Geographic. Which means that there were probably no naked pics of Antonio so what is the point? If it had been Skinemax Cinemax, maybe I would have watched it.

Then there’s John Legend, who became the youngest EGOT winner this past weekend when he picked up a Creative Arts Emmy for producing Superstar. I don’t know how to love him because I am jealous of his success. I wanted to be the youngest EGOT winner ever!

Benedict Cumberbatch, who I will never forgive for playing Billy Bulger as a lock-jawed Kennedy in Black Mass, starred as Patrick Melrose in Patrick Melrose, another show that no one watched. And no, it’s NOT about the founder of the Melrose Place apartments in West Hollywood. That I would have watched, especially if Kimberly made a guest appearance!



Next we come to the one show I did watch, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. Criss was fantastic as spree killer Andrew Cunanan. The show packed a punch because I still remember when he murdered Versace. It was the summer before I went away to college (this is where you are supposed to say, but Liz, you don’t look that old! Even though you probably don’t even know what I look like. Who am I fooling. Off course you know what I look like because the only person who maybe reads these posts is my mom. But I digress.). It still makes me sad and mad to see how many lives Cunanan destroyed, and Criss places his narcissistic sociopathy like a champ.

I read the book The Looming Tower and I will forever think Jeff Daniels deserved an Oscar for Arachnophobia. I’m sure he was good in this series, because he always is. But again, did anyone watch it?

Jesse Plemons deserves an Emmy for looking like Matt Damon but I can never forgive him for his evil deeds in Breaking Bad, so I’m ignoring him for his role in Black Mirror.

So now we come to the end and I must make my predictions.

Who I Want to Win: Darren Criss

Who Will Win: John Legend, future EEGOT.

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40 Over 40: Let’s Do It!

I love young people. They know things like social media. They help us olds out with technology. They can explain to me which Jonas Brothers is which.


I lied. I know which Jonas Brother is which. 

Sometimes, however, millennials get on my nerves.

One time I asked a friend in his late 20s what was his favorite quote from Princess Bride. “Uh, it came out before I was born,” he replied. Uh, Washington was President before was born and I know who he was. Inconceivable!

I like young people and I like old people and I like everyone in between, except for the Kardashians. We live in a culture that celebrates and elevates youth, which is awesome! But now it’s time for us mid-range and older folks to sing our bodies electric. Yes my old ass is trying to plagiarize Walt Whitman, and no it’s not working.

I turn 40 next year. I wish I could say I am super excited, but I’m getting a little freaked out. As a single, child-free woman who dabbles in online dating and acting (and I want to dabble more in the latter so HIRE ME), I’m not supposed to admit my age. I’m not supposed to admit that I want to get married and have children because that makes me look desperate and SCARES ALL THE MEN AWAY. Oh well! My constant wearing of cardigans probably scares them away already.

So as I march to 40, I am going to highlight 40 people who slayed it at the age of 40 or older. The rules, which are subject to change, are as follows:

  • The person has to have been at least 40 when they first hit major success.
  • They can be a man or a woman, though I am going to focus on women.
  • If they are a man, they can’t be married to a woman young enough to be their daughter.
  • They can be alive or dead.
  • They can have been working towards their goal before the age of 40 but they can’t have been a household name.
  • That said, they don’t necessarily have to be a household name but rather that they have achieved a major level of success in their field.
  • While the focus will be on people who are famous(ish), I will also highlight people who are up and coming and doing it!
  • If they were famous before the age of 40 but then achieved major success in another area over the age of 40, they don’t qualify. For example, Shirley Temple shined as a child star before she transitioned to a diplomatic career at age 41. She’s an awesome role model, but she can’t make this list.
  • They can have achieved success in any industry, not just entertainment.

If you have any nominations, please comment below or email me directly at liz@thedvrfiles.com.

So buckle your seat belt in your sensible and safe car, because we are going for a very steady ride!

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The DVR Files Turns 6 Today!

Today The DVR Files turns six years old!

Things that The DVR Files has outlasted:

  • Brangelina’s marriage.
  • The HBO show Looking (and yes this PAINS me to write).
  • Lindsay Lohan’s career post-Mean Girls.
  • Any semblance of pride LeAnn Rimes ever had.
  • Laser discs

What I’m trying to say is we’re doing okay over here. Yes, I have been known to slack off. But I always get you back on my side when show you a picture of Jon Hamm’s delightful assets! You’re welcome!

Jon Hamm pants

So happy birthday to us!

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Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 8!

Bad news. Cary Grant was not Catholic so he can’t be a hot Catholic of Lent. But let’s look at him anyway!

I’d commit all kinds of sins if it meant spending one night with him! The awful truth is that I’d be the talk of the town if I could be his dream wife but since we’re not married it would just be an affair to remember. When you’re in love you’re okay with being indiscreet! How notorious! What a bunch of monkey business!

I can’t even be his girl Friday because this hot Catholic already took the role. Yes, I’m talking about Rosalind Russell, and yes, she’s the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 8!

Lucky bitch!

Rosalind was one of those classic actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood. In addition to His Girl Friday, she starred in PicnicGypsy, and Auntie Mame to name just a few. She sadly died in 1976 at the age of 69 after a battle with breast cancer.

You are missed, Rosalind! Hope you’re having a cocktail with Cary in heaven celebrating being named the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 8!

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Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 7!

As a kid, I had dreams. In sixth grade I predicted I’d write a novel by the time I graduated from high school. That didn’t happen, but I did write this for my school paper:


Now I’m writing an AMAZING blog that occasionally three people will read when they google image “Peter from Cosby Show” and they are tricked into clicking onto one of my many “articles” about the ’80s child icon. I’m so money and I don’t even know it!

Wait . . . did I just say that? All this talk about high school brought me back to 1997, the year I graduated, and the summer I spent watching what we thought was the coolest movie of all time, Swingers. And yes, I know it actually came out in 1996 but home girl lived in the suburbs and had to wait till it came out on VHS! By the time I got to college, the film was the soundtrack of every freshman dorm. You’re so money! No, you’re so money! It never stopped! We ALL loved Vince Vaughn, who, you guessed it, is The DVR Files’ Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 7!

Damn, Vince could get it!

Vince was born to a Catholic mom and a Protestant dad and was raised with both religions. Since they both celebrate Lent, I’ll allow this mixed bag!

In the twenty plus years since Swingers (and yes that sentence pained me to type because am I really that old) Vince has gotten a little less traditionally hot and really settled into that “Dad bod” trend that is all the rage. He’s looking like he spent a little too much time at the bar the night before.

No judgment from me! I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Vince. He’s so 401k now!

So congratulations, Vince Vaughn, for being the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 7!

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Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 6!

I’m embarrassed.

I’ve been writing about hot Catholics for two years and somehow the hottest one of all has escaped my attention. The devil is gonna get me, that is if the rhythm doesn’t get me first!

That’s right, folks, I’m talking about Gloria Estefan!


Gloria has been consistently awesome since birth. She fled Cuba with her family as a young child and was raised in Miami. She’s been creating music since 1977 and forty plus years she shows no signs of stopping!

So congratulations Gloria for being named the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 6!

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Who Wore It Better?

Last night was the Oscars and I stayed up and watched the whole goddamn thing which is a real sacrifice when you live on the East Coast. I only drank diet root beer so at least I’m not hungover today. #BrightSide

One woman stood out for me more than any of the others (except for the holy trinity of Jane, Eva, and Rita!) and that was Jennifer Garner! She’s already been on all of the Oscars best dressed lists but for me it was more than that.

She copied my look from my sister’s wedding!

A lot of you haters will deny that Garner went all single white female on my bridesmaid dress from 2014. She tweaked it just enough so it’s not super obvious. A darker shade of blue. Full length. Way more expensive.

But I know the truth!

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Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 5!

We all know how wonderful and kind Hollywood is to women over 30. We are considered SO fragile that they trot out women in their 20s to portray us, because why should we be acting when our delicate asses need to be spending our twilight years reading self help books and hoping and praying that a widower with grandkids will find us desirable and take us out for the blue plate special at Denny’s.

That’s why the Oscars were so inspiring last night, because they allowed not one, not two, but THREE women over 75 to present: Jane Fonda (80), Eva Marie Saint (93), and one hot broad I’ll get to in a sec. The oldest man, meanwhile, was Christopher Walken, who is a mere 74. Finally! Women win the battle of ageism!

Back to that hot broad. She’s 86 and still working today. She’s an EGOT. She starred as Sister Pete on one of my all time favorite shows, Oz. How appropriate, then, that she is the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 5. Yes, I’m talking about bad ass bitch Rita Moreno!


Rita is one of the women who is endlessly inspires me and it’s so appropriate to celebrate her during Women’s History Month. She won the 1962 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Anita in West Side Story. Fifty six years later she returned to the Oscars in the same dress! You go grown woman!

While a lit of people Rita’s age would retire on the beach, not her. She currently stars in the reboot of One Day at a Time, produced by the fellow fierce senior Norman Lear, 95. She’s living her best life ever and I’m proud to be a fan!

So congratulations, Rita Moreno, for being the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 5!


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