This Bloodsucker Is Back on the Market!

Do you like the nighttime? Is it in your blood to boogie at underground clubs? Do you like your lovers to have sharp teeth?

Well, then, I have good news! Everyone’s favorite crazy vampire (and occasional lesbian) from True Blood, Tara Thornton, is back on the market!

She was cray cray before turning bloodsucker

To be fair, she was a whack job before her transformation.

That’s right, Rutina Wesley, the actress who inhabits Tara, just filed for divorce from her husband of eight years, actor Jacob Fishel.

To be completely honest, I am only two episodes into this season of True Blood, which just concluded its sixth season this past Sunday. So for all I know Tara is a fairy now. Whatevs. I never claimed to be the paper of record.

I am, however, the blog of hot men. So here’s a nice little picture of fellow vamp Eric Northman to get you through your day. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Yes please.

A sexy naked man who likes to read? Yes please!

If Alex Skarsgard ever google images himself and my blog posts come up, I assure him I am not a creepy stalker AT ALL. Though he can totally email me at and arrange a date with me.


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