Would You Rather Press Your Luck OR Buy Lots of Groceries?

I try to be an optimistic person but sometimes I get sad. For example, I am upset that Bonkers are no longer manufactured. I wish that Justin and Kelly would have a baby together. I have never gotten over Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s divorce.

If these two lovebirds can't make it there is no hope for ANYONE.

If these two lovebirds can’t make it there is no hope for ANYONE.

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of my life is that I will never get to be a contestant on two of my favorite game shows of all times, Press Your Luck and Supermarket Sweep, because they are no longer on.

That's a f---ing Whammy right there.

That’s a f—ing Whammy right there.

This is a HUGE tragedy because I grew up watching these shows during summer vacations. And I’d be really f—ing good at them now. One, I know trivia like it’s no one’s business. Two, I have great reflexes. Three, I am a very skilled grocery shopper.


That’s a BIG banana.

For old time’s sake, let’s watch a couple of clips. Then you can go back to making the big bucks.


Don’t forget to pick up the bonus items!


I swear, sometimes I want to get married JUST so I’ll have a partner on Supermarket Sweep. And then I wake up from my dream and remind myself that it doesn’t matter, because the show is off the air. Life is so unfair! I guess I pressed my luck too much.


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