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Great Fake Bald People on TV

So today I was watching the episode of Degrassi where Clare decides to shave her head because she has cancer and want to take ownership of her hair loss. While I admire Clare for her strength and resilience facing this potentially … Continue reading

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Has Laura Palmer Returned?

23 years after she died, Laura Palmer has risen! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly. But home girl is definitely BACK in pop culture circles, because British band Bastille have written and performed a song called, wait for it, “Laura Palmer.” … Continue reading

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Maybe She Can Become a Prostitution Whore To Pay Off Her Debts

Well this is a shocker. Watch me clutch my pearls, because I NEVER saw this coming. Teresa Giudice and her husband Juicy Joe face 50 years in the slammer for conspiracy to commit fraud. I really expected more from these … Continue reading

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The Secret Is Out: The World LOVES Gennie James!

A year and a half ago I posed a simple question to you, my DVR Files devotees: “Whatever happened to 1980s icon Gennie James??? “, pictured above, and yes, there were three question marks because this was among the world’s greatest … Continue reading

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The Emmys are the Sophie’s Choice of Television

As many of you know, I love TV. Hence why I write a blog called The DVR Files. Crazy, isn’t it??? So naturally my favorite awards show is the Emmys. Nominations were announced last week, and I will be making … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame it on the Rain, Blame it on the Tequila.

Nearly one week ago Geraldo Rivera decided to make the world a better a place to he tweeted this gorgeous picture to the universe. “70 is the new 50,” he proclaimed. And “drunk is still drunk,” we soon learned, when … Continue reading

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You Can’t Erase History, Wikipedia!

The other day I wanted a snack which was sweet and awesome. “Oh yeah!” I said to myself. “I’ll have a Twix!” And then I remembered days past, and how great Twix commercials were in the 1980s because they showed … Continue reading

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Who Wants To Marry a Cartoon Villain?

Hey all! I’m casting a new TV special called Who Wants to Marry A Cartoon Villain? It’s going to be awesome and evil, so if you’re interested in appearing please reach out to me ASAP. We’ve got a ton of devious … Continue reading

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Un-break Her Heart

Bad new folks. Toni Braxton will be singing “Another Sad Love Song” because her “Love Affair” with Keri Lewis, her husband of 12 years, has officially ended in divorce today. Don’t fret–Braxton still believes in “family values.” She and her ex … Continue reading

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The Muppet Babies Are Way Cuter Than the Royal Baby, and Probably Richer Too

I am SO excited that the Royal Baby is a boy, because he can marry my niece Charlotte, who is 5 weeks old today. Who doesn’t like an older woman? And while the RB is super cute, I know quite … Continue reading

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