John Legend: EEGOT?


The Emmys are less than a week away and I have been silent. All that changes NOW. Aren’t you lucky!

I’m a bit behind on my TV watching this year – that’s what happens when you have a DVR which can record six things at once and is currently at 95% percent. I have 72 episodes of Dateline to watch. I am dead serious. Would I lie to Keith?

But you know that being behind with my shows doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about them! It’s one of my specialties, talking about things that I know nothing about! Which brings me to the first Emmy category which I will explore: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie.

The noms:

  • Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso, Genius: Picasso
  • John Legend as Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Patrick Melrose, Patrick Melrose
  • Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
  • Jeff Daniels as John O’Neill, The Looming Tower
  • Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly, USS Callister (Black Mirror)

Let’s be f—ing honest. Did anyone even KNOW that there was a limited series about Picasso? I had to google it so see what network it was – National Geographic. Which means that there were probably no naked pics of Antonio so what is the point? If it had been Skinemax Cinemax, maybe I would have watched it.

Then there’s John Legend, who became the youngest EGOT winner this past weekend when he picked up a Creative Arts Emmy for producing Superstar. I don’t know how to love him because I am jealous of his success. I wanted to be the youngest EGOT winner ever!

Benedict Cumberbatch, who I will never forgive for playing Billy Bulger as a lock-jawed Kennedy in Black Mass, starred as Patrick Melrose in Patrick Melrose, another show that no one watched. And no, it’s NOT about the founder of the Melrose Place apartments in West Hollywood. That I would have watched, especially if Kimberly made a guest appearance!

Next we come to the one show I did watch, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. Criss was fantastic as spree killer Andrew Cunanan. The show packed a punch because I still remember when he murdered Versace. It was the summer before I went away to college (this is where you are supposed to say, but Liz, you don’t look that old! Even though you probably don’t even know what I look like. Who am I fooling. Off course you know what I look like because the only person who maybe reads these posts is my mom. But I digress.). It still makes me sad and mad to see how many lives Cunanan destroyed, and Criss places his narcissistic sociopathy like a champ.

I read the book The Looming Tower and I will forever think Jeff Daniels deserved an Oscar for Arachnophobia. I’m sure he was good in this series, because he always is. But again, did anyone watch it?

Jesse Plemons deserves an Emmy for looking like Matt Damon but I can never forgive him for his evil deeds in Breaking Bad, so I’m ignoring him for his role in Black Mirror.

So now we come to the end and I must make my predictions.

Who I Want to Win: Darren Criss

Who Will Win: John Legend, future EEGOT.

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