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What Would George Burnett Get George Clooney for A Wedding Present?

Yo kidz. I’m back! It’s been a busy two weeks. I was on a very secret mission to stop the marriage between George Clooney and the Voldemort of aspiring gold-diggers everywhere,¬†She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (but I’ll do it anyway because I’m a responsible … Continue reading

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227 Forever!

Oh my God kids. The most amazing thing happened in the WORLD today. No, Brandi Glanville did not push LeAnn Rimes off a cliff.¬†Bummer, I know. But this is even better. This morning I took out my checkbook to write … Continue reading

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The Golden Girls Turn 28 today!

Today is a very important milestone. My favorite bitches from Miami turn 28! Happy birthday girls! You should celebrate by going to the Rusty Anchor. Just don’t let Blanche sing! And maybe your gay cook Coco can make you a … Continue reading

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Hank Schrader is the Blanche Devereaux of the 21st Century

No, I don’t think Hank wants to sing at the Rusty Anchor like my home girl Blanche . . . . Nor do I think he is ready to retire to Miami . . . YET. So what do two … Continue reading

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If Cher Could Turn Back Time, She’d Spend Another Night With Tom Cruise

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Demi Moore may like their men young, but they are AMATEURS next to the Queen Bee of all things that matter. Yes, I am talking about Cher. What, Demi, you married 15-years-younger Ashton Kutcher? That’s cool … Continue reading

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