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Other Celebrities Who Love Themselfies Too Much

Earlier today I illuminated the modesty of Kim Kardashian, who is as fresh and pristine as a dewdrop on a lily. She is totally not the only celebrity who has exhibited such demure behavior. For example, Nick Jonas needs some … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame it on the Rain, Blame it on the Tequila.

Nearly one week ago Geraldo Rivera decided to make the world a better a place to he tweeted this gorgeous picture to the universe. “70 is the new 50,” he proclaimed. And “drunk is still drunk,” we soon learned, when … Continue reading

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Geraldo Rivera: The Jon Hamm of Chests?

Once upon a time, Geraldo Rivera looked like a disco version of Inigo Montoya. Now, he looks like a giant hot stud at your neighborhood retirement community. Rivera CLEARLY does not need to look for treasures in Al Capone’s vault, … Continue reading

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