Great Fake Bald People on TV

So today I was watching the episode of Degrassi where Clare decides to shave her head because she has cancer and want to take ownership of her hair loss.


Yes, I am an adult who watches Degrassi.

While I admire Clare for her strength and resilience facing this potentially deadly disease, I am simultaneously going to hell because, uh, her f—ing bald cap made me laugh and laugh laugh. She looked like a cast member of Fox’s forgotten gem Alien Nation.

She could be their daughter!

She could be their daughter!

It got me thinking that fake bald people on TV are the greatest, because they always look so ridiculous unless they are actually, you know, bald.

So I present to you a few of my faves from times past.

1) Peter Brady as Benedict Arnold on The Brady Bunch

Besides pork chops and apple sauce, this is my favorite Peter Brady moment.

Besides pork chops and apple sauce, this is my favorite Peter moment.

Despite wanting to portray hero George Washington, Peter is cast as American traitor Benedict Arnold in his school play. Here is his riveting performance. Go to 1:10 to see true art.


2) Kimberly Shaw on Melrose Place

Don't even get me started on the scar.

Don’t even get me started on the scar.

Okay, maybe she’s not BALD per se, but she’s certainly BALDING. Who can forget the infamous moment when we discovered that, yes, she’s alive, and yes, she’s crazy and REALLY wants to exact revenge on Dr. Michael Mancini for the terrible car accident he caused. Relive the horror here.


3) Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor

Wasit up

Wait . . . I just posted a picture of Jon Hamm that WASN’T his junk???

Sure, this was a parody on Funny Or Die, but at least we know what another one of his heads looks like. Hehe, hehe. I can keep them coming!

So who’s YOUR favorite fake bald person?


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