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Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 15!

Believe it or not, The DVR Files is about TV. Sometimes I get sidetracked by things like Jon Hamm’s package. Who can blame me? I also get sidetracked by guilt, which is something I attain when I post pics of Jon Hamm’s … Continue reading

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Best Role is NOT on HBO

Some things are obvious: Cats are sneaky, Marshmallow Peeps are proof that God exists, and Jordan Knight was the hottest New Kid on the Block. Sometimes, things are so obvious that people deny they are true. You know what I’m talking … Continue reading

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Emmy Predictions 2015: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie

Yoohoo. It’s your favorite blogger who is always disappearing. I’m kind of like Judy Winslow on Family Matters. One minute I’m there, and then the next minute I’m gone! Actually, I’m more like Dylan McKay when he left Beverly Hills, 90210 and then … Continue reading

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Happy 3rd Birthday to Me! I’m “Looking” for a Present from HBO!

OMG guys guess what??? Today The DVR Files turns 3 years old! F— yeah! Who would have thought that when I wrote my first post on March 13, 2012 that I’d still be here on March 13, 2015? Certainly not … Continue reading

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Justin Theroux is More Than Jennifer Aniston’s Piece

Justin Theroux ain’t no one’s leftovers. The second coming of Jon Hamm is most known as that guy on that show on HBO that also bangs Jennifer Aniston in his free time. Of course, that show on HBO HAPPENS to be … Continue reading

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Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Your favorite soothsayer is back! Today I will predict who will win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. I’ve obviously shown my bias. Oops! At any rate, here are the nominees: Bryan Cranston as Walter White, … Continue reading

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The Emmys are the Sophie’s Choice of Television

As many of you know, I love TV. Hence why I write a blog called The DVR Files. Crazy, isn’t it??? So naturally my favorite awards show is the Emmys. Nominations were announced last week, and I will be making … Continue reading

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Dennis Farina, An Awesome Dude, Has Died

Man, this is a huge disappointment. The actor Dennis Farina died today. He was 69. I loved Dennis not only because he was a phenomenal actor, he was also an inspiration to latebloomers everywhere. A Chicago native, her served on … Continue reading

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