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What Would George Burnett Get George Clooney for A Wedding Present?

Yo kidz. I’m back! It’s been a busy two weeks. I was on a very secret mission to stop the marriage between George Clooney and the Voldemort of aspiring gold-diggers everywhere,¬†She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (but I’ll do it anyway because I’m a responsible … Continue reading

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Rich People Are Not Like Us

Do you ever wake up in the morning and go, Gee whiz! It SURE would be nice to go over to my supermodel neighbor’s villa adjoining mine and have a nice class of OJ and a plate of organic pancakes … Continue reading

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It’s a Fact of Life that Alan is the REAL Musician of the Thicke Family

These days everyone is all, oh that Robin Thicke! So talented! He sings catchy tunes, even if the videos are kind of possibly sexist! Either way, WHAT a musician! Um, is this SURPRISING to anyone? After all, his father is … Continue reading

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Happy 7-Eleven!

Today is the greatest day in the world. What, did George Clooney pick me out to be his latest piece since he recently ended his two year contract with Stacy Keibler? Nope, that’s not it, though I am in the … Continue reading

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You Have One Life To Live. What Hospital Do You Go To?

Hey all. Bad news. You’re sick with some weird bogus disease. Totally bummer, because the weather is getting SO NICE. But anyway, you need to go to the hospital. Which one do you choose? A) County General Hospital in Chicago … Continue reading

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