It’s a Fact of Life that Alan is the REAL Musician of the Thicke Family

These days everyone is all, oh that Robin Thicke! So talented! He sings catchy tunes, even if the videos are kind of possibly sexist! Either way, WHAT a musician!

NOT about good girls.

Debatable whether these are good girls.

Um, is this SURPRISING to anyone? After all, his father is ALAN THICKE, awesome TV dad (AND shrink!) on Growing Pains.

We can ignore the fact that one of his kids become anorexic and another super Christian.

We can ignore the fact that one of his kids become anorexic and another super Christian.

You might think I’m crossing a blurred line, but I’d say that Alan is in fact the far more talented Thicke. Not only did he portray Dr. Jason Seaver as the super understanding dad we all wanted to have, he also composed perhaps the greatest TV theme songs of all time.

Except for "The Golden Girls." This was not his masterpiece.

Except for “The Golden Girls.” This was not his masterpiece.

Need proof? Thank God you know me, because I’ve done all the work for you (ie went to wikipedia and youtube).

Here are his greatest achievements.

1) Diff’rent Strokes


Whatchutalkinboutillis, this is possibly Alan’s magnum opus. Let’s just ignore the sad fact that the only person alive from this intro is Todd Bridges, who was once arrested, tried, and acquitted for attempted murder. Oh I like to keep it light for my readers. You might as go read Sophie’s Choice now because you’re already depressed. I’m useful like that.

2) The original theme song for Wheel of Fortune

For a white boy from Canada, Alan’s got soul AND funk. WORK.

3) The Facts of Life

PLEASE watch this whole intro through for a little surprise guest.

In conclusion, you need more than therapy if you think Robin is the Thickest. You need like a brain transplant. Too bad Dr. Seaver is retired!

Though I will concede that “Blurred Lines” is okay. And I kind of want to dance right now so here you go.

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