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Tori Spelling Has Been the Worst Since 1996, According to Me

I am such a great person today, that I bet you all wonder if I was always so great. The answer is yes. Of course I was. Duh. In addition to being great for the past million years, I’ve also been … Continue reading

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Dylan Throws Shade at Donna Martin

I can’t believe I missed this. Last week on my Bible/muse people.com, Mr. Luke Perry, the man I was supposed to marry 20 years ago, declared that reality TV was trash. Mr. McKay, who has grown up to be an … Continue reading

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Happy 47th (or 48th) Birthday Luke Perry!

Hold on to your panties because I have some shocking news. The man formerly known as Dylan McKay turns 47 (or 48!) today. FYI-this uncertainty is not for lack of research. Wikipedia says Perry was born in 1966 but IMDB … Continue reading

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Is Matt Durning, Attorney At Law, Still Practicing?

It’s Throwback Thursday or #TBT for all of us savvy social media movers and shakers. Yahoooo! Let’s be honest-EVERY day is #TBT in The DVR Files world. We enjoy talking about Caboodles, ring around the collar, Grey Poupon commercials, and … Continue reading

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True sTORI: Spelling and Garth Unite

It’s been 13 years since Beverly Hills, 90210 ended and let’s be honest, my life hasn’t been the same since. Sure, the CW tried to resurrect it in 2008 under the banner 90210 but, ugh, I watched maybe three episodes before I gagged … Continue reading

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Steve Sanders WERKS It!

Beverly Hill, 90210‘s resident jock, Steve Sanders, has still got it. Got WHAT, you ask. A gorgeous mullet? Nope. A beautiful Asian wife? Nay, though he does have a cute white one. SO WHAT IS IT??? Ummmm . . . how … Continue reading

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Yum! You Are Hungry. Which TV Restaurant Do You Choose?

Sometimes you just want a snack. Where do you go, if your choices are restaurants on television? Let’s discuss. 1) Los Pollos Hermanos, Breaking Bad Clearly one of New Mexico’s finest fast food establishments, Los Pollos Hermanos (Spanish-speaking friends–is this even … Continue reading

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