Is Matt Durning, Attorney At Law, Still Practicing?

It’s Throwback Thursday or #TBT for all of us savvy social media movers and shakers. Yahoooo!

Let’s be honest-EVERY day is #TBT in The DVR Files world. We enjoy talking about Caboodles, ring around the collar, Grey Poupon commercials, and Kelly LeBrock ANY day of the week.

Weird science indeed!

Weird science indeed!

But earlier today we got the news that Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor are starring in a new show together, and it got me thinking about one of Kelly’s exes.

Ray Pruit?

Dylan sideburn wannabe.

Please. Your sideburns will never be as good as Dylan’s.

Uh, no dum dum. Ray was Donna’s abusive beau who pushed her down the stairs. Which, I’m sorry to say, will NEVER get old.

How do you talk to a devil?

No, the boyfriend I REALLY want to discuss is Kelly’s piece in the final two seasons, Matt Durning, Attorney at Law.

He looks so Connecticut.

He looks so Connecticut. Which makes sense since the actor who played him, Daniel Cosgrove, WAS.

Matt had a busy two seasons in the posh zip code. According to wikipedia, he helped out many key characters: “Valerie’s self-defense murder of her molesting father, Noah’s drunken driving, and David’s bogus statuatory rape charge.” Yikes!

Despite being a superstar lawyer, Matt had a complicated past when he started dating Kelly. He was actually married to a woman who was institutionalized in New York City due to mental illness. What a husband! Kelly and Matt stuck through it, but then he let her go so she could be with Dylan. What a romantic!

Matt ended up moving back to New York, and God knows there are a TON of lawyers here, so who knows, he could work at a firm somewhere. Just don’t date him–I’m not sure if he ever divorced his crazy wife.

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