Steve Sanders WERKS It!

Beverly Hill, 90210‘s resident jock, Steve Sanders, has still got it. Got WHAT, you ask.

A gorgeous mullet?

I want to run my fingers through that mane.

I want to run my fingers through that mane.


A beautiful Asian wife?

How '90s.

I wonder if they still run the Beverly Beat?

Nay, though he does have a cute white one.


Ummmm . . . how about a hot body?

Just what we need, another Kelly/Brenda catfight over a guy!

Just what the world needs, another Brenda/Kelly cat fight over a guy.

Ding ding ding you’ve won a free meal at the Peach Pit!

See, Ian Ziering, 49, is currently shaking his groove thing as a guest headliner for the Chippendales in Las Vegas. And me likey.

Now if we can get Jason Priestley to boogie shirtless next I will be in heaven. But we know how Brandon feels about dancing!


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