Yum! You Are Hungry. Which TV Restaurant Do You Choose?

Sometimes you just want a snack. Where do you go, if your choices are restaurants on television? Let’s discuss.

1) Los Pollos Hermanos, Breaking Bad

Your one stop for chicken and meth!

Your one stop for chicken and meth!

Clearly one of New Mexico’s finest fast food establishments, Los Pollos Hermanos (Spanish-speaking friends–is this even grammatically correct? Shouldn’t it be Los Hermanos de Pollo? Or Los Hermanos del Pollo? It’s been a while since I took espanol.) serves you up delicious chicken as well as a possible hook-up for crystal meth, as long as you are punctual for appointments. The staff is professional and courteous, but owner Gus is a BIT ruthless, so beware if you want to live.

2) Al-Abbas, Curb Your Enthusiasm


Anti-semetic or awesome . . . you decide!

This Palestinian chicken is to DIE FOR. Even the Jews think so–Larry and Jeff both agree that if the chicken was sent to Israel, “they’d take down all the settlements immediately.” Sure, you might encounter some very pro-Palestine signs at Al-Abbas, but if you’re lucky enough you might meet the lady with whom you will have the best sex of your life, even if it is anti-Semitic, as Larry learned. Some choice words from his partner Shara:

F— me you f—ing Jew! You Zionist pig. You occupying f—. Occupy this. I’m going to going to f— the Jew out of you. You want to f— me like Israel f—s my country? F— me you Jew bastard! F— me like Israel f—s my people! Show me the promised land. You circumcised f—!

Sex and chicken? Yes please!

3) The Peach Pit, Beverly Hills, 90210


Babes and burgers. My two favorite things.

Let’s be honest. It is surprising that an old school burger joint does so well in Bev Hills. Don’t they just eat kale and wheat grass smoothies there? Yet, this place flourishes, partly because of the charisma of owner Nat and his babelicious waiter Brandon Walsh. And the fries look delish!

So where would I go? Well, depending on if I had time to sit down, I’d go with the Peach Pit. For takeout I’d probably do Los Pollos Hermanos because New Mexico is so close to old Mexico so the food looks super authentic! And Al-Abbas opens up shop in NYC I’d check it out. I’m an equal opportunity eater!

Though, I’d feel a bit guilty about supporting a major drug dealer. I’ll just pretend I never heard about Gus.

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