Sarah Jessica Parker’s Best Role is NOT on HBO

Some things are obvious: Cats are sneaky, Marshmallow Peeps are proof that God exists, and Jordan Knight was the hottest New Kid on the Block.



Sometimes, things are so obvious that people deny they are true. You know what I’m talking about. The contrarians who insist that Brad Pitt is not hot, that they can’t name every single Kardashian/Jenner by birth order, that they’ve never heard of the movie The Princess Bride.



And then there are far worse situations when people talk about Sarah Jessica Parker.

Person A: “OMG I know it’s been over ten years since Sex and the City ended but I am SUCH a Carrie!!!”

Person B: “Is that something to brag about? I’d rather be Charlotte. She’s rich!”

Person A: “Yeah well Sarah Jessica Parker played shallow really well. I’m shallow, I guess. I love expensive shoes I can’t afford, what can I say.”

Person B: “Have you seen her in Divorce? She cheated on Thomas Haden Church, the guy from Wings, just like she cheated on Aidan. What a jerk!”

Person A: “Total jerk! But I saw her once on the subway and she was really nice and normal. So she’s just a really great actress.”

I agree with ALL of this. Sarah Jessica was dumb for cheating on Aidan. The verdict’s still out on Thomas Haden Church as I’m only half way through Divorce and he’s kind of an asshole. I can even vouch that SJP is a nice person because I once saw her in a bathroom at a charity function (no, I wasn’t the help. My friend invited me!).

But what really upsets me about this conversation is that no one mentions Sarah Jessica Parker’s greatest role . . . NASA intern Carolyn McAdams in the 1986 masterpiece Flight of the Navigator!


True ’80s beauty. Who says scientists can’t have purple hair!

I saw this gem in the theater back in the day and loved it. It involved time travel and aliens and a cute boy named David. Do I remember much about this movie? Nope! But what I do remember is that Carolyn McAdams went to a Twisted Sister concert.


Flight of the Navigator is due for a rewatch. Fortunately I taped it with my parents’ VCR in 1989 so next time I’m home I’ll whip out ye olde VHS! Good times!

The actor who played David, Joey Cramer, unfortunately did not fare as well as Sarah Jessica Parker. I conducted some heavy research (ie, went to his wikipedia page) and discovered that Cramer has been fighting the Canadian law for the last decade or so. Guns, drugs, public boozing, and bank robbery. Eek! Hopefully he’ll turn out okay because I had such a crush on him in 1986.


So cute!

Let’s hope that Sarah Jessica Parker and Joey Cramer can reunite some day and create even more movie magic!



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