Happy 3rd Birthday to Me! I’m “Looking” for a Present from HBO!

OMG guys guess what??? Today The DVR Files turns 3 years old! F— yeah!

Homegirl knows the score.

Homegirl knows the score.

Who would have thought that when I wrote my first post on March 13, 2012 that I’d still be here on March 13, 2015? Certainly not the ghosts of the various other blogs that I started at different points in my life like:

Simon's upset too.

Simon’s upset too that you can no longer read my Friendster blog.

At any rate, turning three is a WICKED big deal in the Liz Simons Blog World. And to celebrate, I am asking for just one teeny tiny favor from my favorite premium cable network.

HBO–please renew Looking for a third season.

They're too shy to ask themselves.

They’re too shy to ask themselves.

Looking is one of my absolute favorite shows in the history of TV along with Breaking BadBeverly Hills, 90210Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Cosby Show (yeah, I said it). The problem is, no one is watching it. Looking centers around three gay men in their late 20s through early 40s living their lives in San Francisco while looking for love. It is without a doubt the most relatable and honest show about relationships. It reflects the experiences of all sexualities, yet the fact that they are gay is so important because mainstream representation is important.

We need to keep this show on air for two reasons. One, because it is amazing. Two, because we need a show where homosexual adults are treated as, you know, actual adults and not as one-demensional sassy sidekicks. The AV Club explains this much better than I can.

If you haven’t watched Looking, give it a chance. I know some of my straight male friends might write off this show (though they’ll never admit to it) but don’t worry, there is some hetero sex too.

You go girl!

You go girl!

So please, all I ask for my third birthday is a third season of Looking. We can do this!




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