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Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 9!

Yes, today is actually Day 12 of Lent. Yes, that means I have slacked off. No, I did not go to confession. Laziness isn’t one of the seven deadly sins! Neither is knowing all of the names of the Kardashian … Continue reading

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Never Forget: Tom Brady and Tara Reid Were Once a Couple

I’ve talked about this before but as the New England Patriots head to a record seventh Super Bowl under coach Bill Belichick, it is VERY important that we remember the most monumental┬áthing about quarterback Tom Brady. That he’s good at … Continue reading

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This Will Boost Your Self Esteem!

One of my favorite things in the world is bring single and broke. It is SO MUCH fun comparison shopping for the cheapest watermelon in my neighborhood. It is A BLAST stealing sugar packets from Starbucks (which I only visit … Continue reading

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