Never Forget: Tom Brady and Tara Reid Were Once a Couple

I’ve talked about this before but as the New England Patriots head to a record seventh Super Bowl under coach Bill Belichick, it is VERY important that we remember the most monumental thing about quarterback Tom Brady.


That he’s good at sports? That he may beat his tied record with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as having the most Super Bowl rings? That he’s never eaten a strawberry?


Who wore it better, Tom or Ben Affleck’s nanny?

Hell no! None of those things matter. None of them! Because the best thing Tommy boy has ever done is so mythological that I can’t even find it in the Boston Herald archives where I first read about back in 2002. Google is no use here – you instead are going to have to rely on Encyclopedia Liz (ie my brain that remembers every pop culture moment from 1983-2002).


It’s so forgotten that you can’t even find any images of them together and I searched three whole pages in google image search! And people say journalism is dying? Pshaw. I dig deep!

I did, however, find this pic of Tara Reid and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst which seems to make more sense.


I bet he worked hard for that nookie.

Tara at least acknowledged the greatest relationship of all time during an interview in 2014.

Fifteen years later and I’m STILL upset Tara and Tom broke up. He would have been great in Sharknado!





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