Alex Skarsgard and I Totally Hooked Up Last Night

You will never believe what happened to me last night. It was really awesome. Alex Skarsgard and I totally hooked up.

He was smiling more last night.

He was smiling more last night.

This really and truly happened. Granted, it was in my dreams, but it was so realistic that I woke up in a cold sweat begging him to be my maker, even though he was just regular Alex and not vampire Eric in my vision.

So here’s what happened. Apparently Alex and I are co-workers, and we went out for a few drinks after a long hard day at the office. It was a Friday so we were dressed all casual. I got really drunk and big strong Eric insisted on taking care of me. We weren’t living in New York because he had a car. Maybe it was Austin? Raleigh, NC? Not sure. All I know is he said I lived too far away to drive me home so he would take me back to his place and then he’d return me to my abode in the morning. I agreed that this was a very good idea, since I had been developing a crush on him for quite some time.

We got to his place and I was sobered up but tired. Eric said he’d sleep on the couch and I could sleep in his bed, or that we could share his bed if I was cool with that. Of course I was cool with that.

Dear God.

Dear God.

But first I needed to go to the bathroom because I could not. believe. this. was. happening. Even though I’ve discussed before that Alex and I would make a great couple, that was a total figment of my imagination. This was really happening (in my dreams, mind you, but who’s keeping score).

On my way out of the bathroom his ROOMMATE emerges from her room. Yup. Eric Northman has a roommate! She was actually really nice, pretty enough but not threateningly so, and she smiled at me. I totally got the impression that Alex does not bring girls home all the time.

Because I am a good Catholic girl and my mom might read this, I’m not going to provide you with details of our evening escapades but I will say that we mostly just snuggled and kissed and I borrowed one of his v-neck white undershirts the next morning and he took me to the Waffle House for breakfast before dropping me off at home. What a guy!

Overall, an excellent night. Just wish it had been real. Oh well!

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