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Let’s Party Like It’s 9/9/1999!

This post could also be titled “How the Mighty Have Fallen.” Allow me to explain.¬†Fourteen years ago TODAY, the world gathered by their TVs to watch a very important event, the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Oh yes, it was … Continue reading

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Remember When Pop Stars REALLY Pissed People Off?

It’s been ten days since Miley Cyrus dry humped a teddy bear, a foam finger, and Beetlejuice Robin Thicke at the VMAs, but “we just can’t stop” talking about it. Haha see what I did there? But this is about … Continue reading

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Adorable Child Actors Who Are Still Adorable

Everyone’s all up in arms about that twerk Miley Cyrus, STILL. They’re all, she was Hannah Montana! My kids loved her! What a bad example she’s setting! You know what I have to say to that? Boo f—ing hoo. Miley’s … Continue reading

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Where It All Began

Everyone is all Miley, Miley, Miley! But look what home girl came from. Can you blame her for shaving off her hair? She was probably afraid it would grow into a mullet. People seem to forget that you spawned from … Continue reading

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The Disney Channel Hall of Fame

The Disney Channel must be like a strict all-girls Catholic high school, because all of their alumni cannot wait to slut it up once they leave! The latest graduate to reveal her sexy side is, you guessed it, Miley Cyrus. … Continue reading

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