Adorable Child Actors Who Are Still Adorable

Everyone’s all up in arms about that twerk Miley Cyrus, STILL. They’re all, she was Hannah Montana! My kids loved her! What a bad example she’s setting!

The golden years, when a teen Miley looked about 45.

The golden years, when a teen Miley looked about 45.

You know what I have to say to that?

dawson_cryingBoo f—ing hoo. Miley’s grown up. Now YOU grow up, fool!

But since so many people have a hard time saying goodbye to the past, I am going to do something nice for you.

Here are a bunch of super cute child actors who remained super cute adults!

Frederick Koehler, aka Chip from Kate & Allie



Fred starred as Jane Curtain’s adorable son Chip on the beloved CBS sitcom Kate & Allie, which aired from 1984-1989. After the show wrapped, he dabbled in TV and film roles and even took time to attend Carnegie Mellon University. Smart boy! Now 38, Fred retains his baby face despite playing evil Andrew Schillinger in HBO’s prison drama Oz (he lynched a black man and became addicted to heroin and eventually died of an overdose. Sounds pretty evil to me!) as well as ANOTHER prisoner, though not quite as morally corrupt, in the 2008 Jason Statham vehicle Death Race. To me, the only thing Fred is guilty of is being adorable!

I still want to pinch those cheeks!

I still want to pinch those cheeks!

Valerie Bertinelli

one day at a time


Even if you live your life one day at a time, you can’t help but love Val. She’s been a big star since 1975, when she first became Barbara Cooper Royer on, ahem, One Day at a Time. She tried to shed her innocent image by marrying Eddie Van Halen (they divorced in 2007) and starring in a string of TV movies such as I Was a Mail Order Bride, The Seduction of Gina, and Two Mothers for Zachary.

HOW have I not seen this movie???

HOW have I not seen this movie???

The world was truly touched by an angel when Valerie returned to her good girl routes in 1997, when she took the role of Gloria on, ahem, Touched by an Angel. Currently she’s “hot in Cleveland” but still cute!


Love those luscious locks!

John Gilchrist, Little Mikey from the Life cereal commercials

I can't take the cuteness!

I can’t take the cuteness!

Little Mikey usually hates EVERYTHING, but he likes Life cereal! Wow! These iconic commercials first aired in 1972 and remained in rotation for more than twelve years. Get ready to ditch your birth control, because you will want your own Little Mikey!


Now in his 40s, John Gilchrist works in ad sales. But apparently he still approves of Life!



Robbie Rist, Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch



Cousin Oliver moved in with the Brady clan in the fifth and final season of the iconic sitcom. And I’m sorry, I know a lot of chicks dug Greg, but Oliver was MY man, despite being 9 years old. Now 49, Rist is a working musician in Los Angeles, and still adorable!

I bet he likes sci-fi and fantasy books. Just a guess!

I bet he likes sci-fi and fantasy books. Just a guess!

So, are you happy now? Miley may have grown up too fast but at least these stars didn’t!

And by the way, how come none of you complained about hot Neville Longbottom has become? Weird . . . .

I'll take two!

I’ll take two!

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1 Response to Adorable Child Actors Who Are Still Adorable

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Neville definitely had a good puberty phase.. lol

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