227 Forever!

Oh my God kids. The most amazing thing happened in the WORLD today.

Most beautiful bitch in the world!

Most beautiful babe in the world!

No, Brandi Glanville did not push LeAnn Rimes off a cliff. Bummer, I know. But this is even better. This morning I took out my checkbook to write my April rent check because I’m a responsible adult and all. And guess what number check it was?


The only thing more exciting is if I wrote out check 227 on 2/27 for my apartment that was at 227 Main Street. But please, like I would write out my rent check more than a day in advance.

This makes me really miss the 1980s. Remember how great Saturday nights were? You didn’t need to go out! You could have a party in your living room with the ladies and gents of 227 and the hussies of The Golden Girls! Ohhhhh Mary! I STILL loving saying that.

Here is a clip of Sandra Clark channeling her inner Blanche Devereaux. Love both of those bitches!

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