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Hank is Back!

Ben Franklin was one of those guys who accomplished a LOT in life. He invented bifocals. He was a character in one of my all-time favorite books. Puff Daddy wrote a song about him. Pretty impressive stuff for a man … Continue reading

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Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

The Emmys are less than 24 hours away, and I have about 14012 predictions left to make. Get ready for a flurry of posts! The next one I will analyze is one of my faves, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a … Continue reading

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Aaron Paul REALLY Loves His Wife. So Did Tom Cruise.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes me happy, here is a list: Finding a pencil (or pen). Pizza with sausage. Two kinds of ice cream. Knowing a secret. Five different crayons. Being alone every now and then. Coming home again. … Continue reading

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Yo! Happy Birthday Aaron Paul!

Today is August 27, 2013 and you know what that means! Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul turns 34! As we Breaking Bad fans know, Jesse has had a tough couple of years. His drug-addicted girlfriend died, her father caused a major plane … Continue reading

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Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: The Sophie’s Choice of Emmys

Oh my God, today all of the Emmy nominations were announced. Since I love TV more than I love bread and water, I am SO EXCITED. And, let’s be honest, stressed. Because there are so many talented people nominated and … Continue reading

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