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People Who Should Have Babies Together: Mary Anne Spier and Logan Bruno

Everyone knows that Mary Anne Spier, secretary of The Baby-sitters Club since 1986, has NEVER made a mistake when scheduling an all important appointment in Stoneybrook, CT, located in Fairfield County near the big city of Stamford. After her mother passed … Continue reading

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More People Who Should Have a Baby Together: Sam Merlotte and Teen Wolf

Okay, continuing in the popular series “People Who Should Have Babies Together” (Jason Priestley’s a fan, by the way), let’s explore my latest coupling. Sam Merlotte and Scott Howard, AKA Teen Wolf. Okay, there are many logistical issues keeping Sam … Continue reading

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Valerie Harper has terminal brain cancer. Don’t worry folks, my mom raised me right and I won’t be making a snarky comments. I LOVE Valerie Harper. Though I am a little ashamed that my generation’s first impression of her was … Continue reading

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Other People Who Should Have Had a Baby Together: Brandon Walsh and Emily Valentine

Yesterday we discussed that Kelly Clarkson should have given birth to Justin Guarini’s baby. This struck a chord with my billions of fans, as it quickly became the most popular post of the past week. It made me think, which … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey Obviously Did Not Do Weight Watchers

One of my absolute favorite things about famous people is their ability to gain weight for a role. What sacrifices they make. They get to eat Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ding Dongs . . . essentially any Hostess snack on the market … Continue reading

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Sexiest Man Alive 2013: Keith Morrison

People Magazine will not reveal their Sexiest Man Alive till November, but it’s never too early to start campaigning. After three years of BOYS winning this title (Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Reynolds), it’s time for a distinguished gentleman … Continue reading

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This Baby Should Have Come From Justin(‘s Loins) to Kelly(‘s Belly)

Honest to f—ing God, is there no such thing as true love anymore? How else could you explain that Sideshow Bob lookalike and first season American Idol runner up Justin Guarini impregnated someone who is NOT Kelly Clarkson? See, Justin’s “wife” … Continue reading

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But Where Was Alfonso? proclaimed that Ricky (or is Rick?) Schroder reunited with his Silver Spoons fam this week in New York. But something is DREADFULLY WRONG. Where the F— is Alfonso Ribeiro? Did he get lost on the train, since it no longer just … Continue reading

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