More People Who Should Have a Baby Together: Sam Merlotte and Teen Wolf

Okay, continuing in the popular series “People Who Should Have Babies Together” (Jason Priestley’s a fan, by the way), let’s explore my latest coupling. Sam Merlotte and Scott Howard, AKA Teen Wolf.

Svengali or Shape Shifter . . . you decide!

Really it would be more interesting to see Britney Spears’ ex and Sam Merlotte’s baby since they are separated at birth, but we’re not going to do that.

Okay, there are many logistical issues keeping Sam and Teen Wolf apart. One, they are both male. Two, they aren’t the same species: Sam’s a shape shifter whose preferred form is a collie, Teen Wolf is a werewolf. Three, they live in different states: Sam in Louisiana, Teen Wolf somewhere else that I couldn’t find during a quick google search. Probably Indiana, Pennsylvania, or California.

He definitely plays ball like a Hoosier.

He definitely plays ball like a Hoosier.

So while it may not work on the surface, their baby would RULE the school, the bar, the world. It would not take crap from anyone–just imagine how it would act if you denied him/her a keg of beer!

So now the question would be who would donate their eggs? Boof or Sookie? That’s the real debate!

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