This Baby Should Have Come From Justin(‘s Loins) to Kelly(‘s Belly)

Honest to f—ing God, is there no such thing as true love anymore? How else could you explain that Sideshow Bob lookalike and first season American Idol runner up Justin Guarini impregnated someone who is NOT Kelly Clarkson?

They looked so happy together!

They looked so happy together in 2003!

See, Justin’s “wife” gave birth to their second son on February 25. Justin is apparently happy.

Justin is also apparently handsome. Who knew?

Justin is also apparently handsome. Who knew?

Normally I’d be all, yay, congrats on your bebe! But this time I’m all pshaw we will never get that sequel to From Justin to Kelly that the world so deserves.

Yes I am a hater.

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13 Responses to This Baby Should Have Come From Justin(‘s Loins) to Kelly(‘s Belly)

  1. Katie says:

    I can confirm this alleged happiness.

  2. bailey says:

    LMAO. this is So stupid….. Legit. Who are you to control who falls in love with who? He’s happy, he has a baby, and it’s time for YOU to move on since, well, it isn’t YOUR life. LMAO.

  3. thedvrfiles says:

    Agreed, Bailey! I’m just thinking of an alternate universe where “From Justin to Kelly” is real. In REAL life, I only wish Justin, his wife, and bebes happiness.

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  5. aliarenee says:

    Wow!! Just wow. “Wife” That’s my freaking sister dude. Get the hell over Kelly and Side show BOB dude. The happiness you so claim to wish them is nothing to what their real happiness is. Who are you anyway?? I know who I am and I’m the f-ing BIG SISTER!!! So step off.

  6. thedvrfiles says:

    The funny thing is it is always Justin and Nikki McKibbon I wanted together. From Justin to Nikki would have made a much more engaging movie. No offense to Kelly.

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