Happy 6 Month Birthday The DVR Files!

Hey all!

Today The DVR Files celebrates its 6 month birthday. What an accomplishment!

Here are a few things it has outlasted:

Mazel tov! Let’s go renew our vows Heidi Klum/Seal style!

Oh wait…..

It’s been an interesting ride. What I have learned is that . . .

You think Courtney Stodden is the most beautiful woman/child in the world.

For the love of all that’s sacred, WHY is she off the market?

You’re a bunch of pervs who enjoy looking at Jon Hamm’s junk.

Even the kitty is excited!

The only person you want to bang from Girls is Adam.

You wish 1980s child actors Gennie James and Peter from The Cosby Show would stage a comeback RIGHT NOW.

In the kingdom of Famewhoredom, LeAnn Rimes wears the crown.

So thank you, my wise subjects, for reading. Pass on the word . . . because at The DVR Files, nothing is confidential!

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