I’m not anti-Girls, I just happen to prefer calling adult females women

Okay, I have been tardy to the party in talking about Girls, that precocious show about parents paying the rent of their ne’er do well children who live in Brooklyn. It stars four young ladies whose real life parents are semi- or real famous, including respected newsman Brian Williams’ daughter Allison.

I bet Brian Williams is so proud his daughter masturbated on camera!

Girls has already generated enough controversy and criticism, much of it well-written, and all of it deserved, and I am not going to bore you with yet another critique. I WILL tell you I do in fact hate-watch it every week so I can feel superior to entitled kids whose parents pay their rent. Actually, let’s be honest, I’m just jealous. I wish my parents would pay my rent! But I digress, as usual. Girls is frequently sharp and funny, and would be semi-relateable if I didn’t hate every single character on the show. There is not one person I want to befriend or bang. If this was a game of “F—, Marry, and Kill,” I’d be serving multiple–and very celibate–life sentences for murder.

And then today on the Fung Wah from Boston to New York, I read an article in the New York Post that made me rethink my stance on Girls. Well, not completely, but it did mean that I would serve one less life sentence because I decided that maybe I would F— one person after all: Adam Driver, the actor who plays Hannah’s wannabe boyfriend named Adam. Adam the character is a pretentious aloof dude who has a trust fund, never wears a shirt, and works with wood. He is super annoying and then a couple episodes ago his friend tells Hannah (spoiler alert) he’s a recovering alcoholic, which makes him borderline sympathetic and almost likable. Almost.

Hey girl, want to work with my wood?

And then in the article I read that Adam the actor is a former Marine. For realz. And I’m completely awed that someone so scrawny and whiny has actually served his country, and I automatically like him better. And while I know he is ACTING and Adam the character is not Adam the person, they look so much alike that it’s easy for me to get confused.

So now I can watch Girls and like at least one person. Yahooo!

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6 Responses to I’m not anti-Girls, I just happen to prefer calling adult females women

  1. John says:

    Hold the phone lady – the character of Hannah rules. She’s got some sort of pathos going on that’s really scary and uncomfortable but it’s all wrapped in this open wound that’s picked at in every episode and that, for me, gives her a potential friend quality so, you know, she’s aight. You also gotta give props to the barista guy.

  2. Cleveland G. Oakes Jr. says:

    As a 38 year old African American male it may seem that I am not the target audience for Girls. But I can see clearly that I think this show is pretty great, sure the characters are completely unlikable, and their problems are totally juvenile, but that is what makes the show great in my opinion. While many critics have blasted the show for being too white and too self involved and not representing the “real” New York, as a black man living in Brooklyn I have often been the sole black person in the room with many of my white friends from this age group. I think the show is a pretty accurate depiction of the young hipster crowd that lives in Brooklyn. And as a relative of mine once said from the deep south, “New York just pretends not to be segregated. I have never been in a place where all the Chinese people live on on block, all the Puerto Ricans on the next, and all the Blacks on another.” So it is very realistic that 4 sheltered hipster girls who think they know everything that life has to offer would in reality have a very small and very limited world view.

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