I found Peter from The Cosby Show on Louie!

Some people ask what ever happened to Baby Jane, I ask what ever happened to Rudy’s friend Peter on The Cosby Show.

He’s keeping his mouth shout on where he is today.

Well, friends, I don’t have an answer for you because it’s late and I’m tired and even though I care about you SO MUCH, I also care about my gorgeous flat-chested body that I need to wake up early tomorrow to go to the gym. But I will tell you this: I was watching an episode of Louie starring Louis CK (who knew?) from two weeks ago, and there was this chubby kid named Never (oh, yuppies!) who Louie had to babysit because his mom was getting her vagina removed. Yup, only on a tv show set in New York!

Let’s eat some raw beef!

To be fair–Peter was WAY more adorbs and not anywhere near as evil as Never. PLUS Never really looks like a cross between Peter and Lard Ass from Stand By Me, am I right?

What a natural looking fat suit. The 1980s were so innovative!

In case you forgot the essence of Rudy’s friend Peter, please review here.

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