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Where the F— is Skeet Ulrich?

Originally this post was going to be about Ethan Hawke and other great things from the ’90s that I wish they’d bring back like Hypercolor shirts, the Spin Doctors, and Z Cavaricci pants. While conducting my extensive research on the … Continue reading

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Is Cannibalism Okay If You’re Made of Skittles?

Call me crazy, but I always thought cannibalism was kind of a bad thing. It’s more or less something that isn’t encouraged, if you catch my drift. Blame Jeffrey Dahmer.  If it DOES have to happen, it’s usually because you are … Continue reading

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Who Should I Marry?

So, even though I hooked up with Alex Skarsgard the other night (in my dream, mind you), I am still a single lady. You would think I’d have thousands of suitors lining up at the door of my apartment in … Continue reading

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