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Queer Eye Turns 10!

There are a few truths we hold to be self-evident. For example . . . . . . To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. . . . The original Becky on Roseanne was better. . . … Continue reading

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Juicy Joe Has a Green Card, So He’s an American Citizen. Duh.

Smart people drive me crazy. They do things like speak correctly, get good grades, and know how to act in public. Yeah, sounds REAL FUN. Then we have people like Juicy Joe Giudice, husband to real Howive of New Jersey … Continue reading

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When Bad Things Happen to Bad People, You Giggle

Now, I don’t consider myself a mean-spirited person. I have what you call “empathy.” I cried during episodes of the recently departed Hoarders because I KNOW how hard it can be to throw away that sweater your dead grandpa wore 60 … Continue reading

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