Queer Eye Turns 10!

There are a few truths we hold to be self-evident.

For example . . .

. . . To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

. . . The original Becky on Roseanne was better.

Though yes, the second was prettier.

Though yes, the second one WAS prettier.

. . . Caboodles need to stage a comeback.

Beautiful color scheme AND spacious.

Beautiful color scheme AND spacious.

. . . Carson Kressley emerged from the womb with jazz hands.

Watch I'm world I'm here!

Watch out world. I’m here!

And so on.

But then you hear a piece of news that makes you raise an eyebrow and turns your world upside down so that you can’t even sing the song “Solid (As A Rock)” with any degree of certainty.

Today was that day for me.

Right before I sat down to my afternoon snack of a pumpkin muffin–you can do these things when you work from home–I checked, you guessed it, people.com.

Oh my God! I said out loud as I zeroed in on one article. Queer Eye For the Straight Guy turns 10 this year!

So cool.

What a gorgeous palette.

And not only that! Andy Cohen was hosting a reunion of the cast that is set to air on Sunday on Bravo. Score!

Among the questions that Andy asked the cast was who was out when the show first aired.

All of them, I assumed.

Uh, no. Ted Allen, the food and dining expert, was not yet openly gay to his family.

Nor was Carson Kressley.



THIS Carson Kressley?

Both gentlemen ended up coming out to their families in the weeks preceding the premiere of the show. And I say good for them!

I’m a little surprised, but hey, weirder things have happened, like Kim Kardashian’s career so there you go.

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