Juicy Joe Has a Green Card, So He’s an American Citizen. Duh.

Smart people drive me crazy. They do things like speak correctly, get good grades, and know how to act in public. Yeah, sounds REAL FUN.



Then we have people like Juicy Joe Giudice, husband to real Howive of New Jersey Teresa, who harbors no brain cells whatsoever. It’s quite the contrast.

Maybe they're hiding out in his stubble? No, probably not.

Maybe they’re hiding out in his stubble? No, probably not.

Joe and Teresa, as we know, face 50 years in prison for all sorts of fraudulent behavior, which they completely denied on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night.

In a DVR Files first, I present to you some very exclusive video of Joe saying he’s a US citizen because he has a green card. Sounds right. Joe, who moved to America from Italy when he was one, is not even worried about getting deported. And yours truly makes an appearance! Get ready.

Part 2:


The world is a truly scary one when Teresa sounds like the voice of reason. Shudder!


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