G’bye Mate!

Uh oh! There will be no more shrimp on the barbie for Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski!

Romance is dead.

In happier times.

That’s right, folks. Crocodile Dundee and wife Linda are splitting after 23 years of marriage. Better crack open a Foster’s because that’s the only way to nurse a broken heart.

Citing “irreconcilable difference,” Linda officially filed for divorce yesterday from the only Australian more famous than Steve Irwin, may he rest in peace.

I miss the bastard.

I miss the bastard.

Honestly, this doesn’t come as a shock. Hogan famously left his wife of almost 40 years years to be with Kozlowski, whom he met on the the set of Dundee in 1986. Not to be a self-righteous bitch (but heck, I’ll be one anyway), what goes around, comes around.

All right, time to make a Vegemite sandwich.

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