Whatever Happened to 1980s Icon Barret Oliver???

One of the things I love most about you, my loyal readers, is that y’all are pop culture whores, just like me! It is SUCH a relief that there are other people in the world who care about Ryan Reynolds’ cradle robbing, who rules as the reigning Queen of Famewhoredom, and of course, Jon Hamm’s peen.

If I show you puppies, will you get your mind out of the gutter, pervs?

In addition, you share a love for all things 1980s. You too have wondered whatever happened to chubby Peter from The Cosby Show, why Living Dolls was not renewed for a second season, and why we will NEVER be able to find a VHS copy of Milli Vanilli performing on Sister Kate. Ah, mysteries!

You also REALLY want to know whatever became of cute actress Gennie James, who was THE kid back in the day. But who was her “My Buddy” to her “Kid Sister”?


Well . . . the answer is obvious. Barret Oliver.

Such sensitive eyes, no wonder I had a crush on him when I was 5!

Barret was the man-child actor of the mid-1980s. He had minor parts in a variety of tv shows including Knight Rider before striking it big as Bastian in everyone’s favorite movie with furry magical animals The NeverEnding Story.

Let’s be f—ing honest though, it’s Atreyu we were prepubescently lusting after.

Our childhood crush on Barret lasted through D.A.R.Y.LCocoon (I am crying as I think of the old man trying to revive his wife!!!), and of course The Secret Garden with his female counterpart Gennie James.

Then . . . nothing.

According to his wikipedia page, Barret gave up acting in 1989 and now is a Scientologist who works as a photographer. Half of that is cool! He even published a book in 2007 called “A History of the Woodburytype.” Sounds interesting, eh? In the about the author section, it says:

BARRET OLIVER lives in Los Angeles where he works as a photographer and printer and is known for his use of nineteenth century processes. His print work has been featured in gallery and museum exhibitions, publications and motion pictures.

Why is there no mention of being a life-changing acting icon??? You can’t erase history!

Damn, if only The NeverEnding Story was really never ending!!! Then we could watch a young Barret Oliver forever and ever and ever.

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