What a Doll!

I don’t consider myself Encyclopedia Elizabethannica–HOWEVER, I am a little surprised when over Christmas I talked to my brother Andrew about Halle Berry’s early career.

“Oh, I knew she was going to be a big star when I saw her in Boomerang,”  Andrew remarked. “And her boobs looked good in Swordfish!”

“That was years after her career started  . . . oh, never mind!”

My point is people remember Halle for being crazy with men and for having a hot sex scene in Monster’s Ball, which no one I know has ever actually seen, but whatevs. It upsets me to no end that no one remembers her VERY FIRST role, as Emily Franklin on the hot sitcom of 1989, Living Dolls. I watched it religiously, but apparently no one else did because it lasted only 12 episodes. Sigh.

Leah Remini costarred in this much beloved laugh fest about a modeling agency. Despite being a spin off of monster hit Who’s the Boss?, it is so obscure that it is even hard to find clips of it on youtube. All I could find was a video dedicated to another costar Deborah Tucker. Go to 1:55 to see a 23-year-old Halle in all her glory. Bitch looks WAY better now!

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4 Responses to What a Doll!

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  2. Taxandria says:

    Oh dear I actually watched this show when it was first on TV. Ack I’m old.

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