That Ryan Lochte really gets around!

While Ryan Lochte has yet to make my list of hottest Olympians of all time, I think he is doing just fine without my endorsement. After winning five medals in London (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze. Hey, we can’t all be Michael Phelps), he is now back in the United states designing diamond grills! Just kidding! Even better–he is going to guest star on 90210 as, wait for it, himself. #Jeah!

Are there lenses in those glasses? Eh, probably not, but at least he LOOKS smart!

This will be a real stretch for Mr. Lochte, as he has spent the past 28 years playing himself. But let’s be honest, he’s LUCKY that Valerie Malone or Brenda Walsh no longer live in Bev Hills. They’d cut a bitch if their man had a one night stand, as we know Ryan is prone to do, at least according to his mom Ike! But oh wait . . . not a SEXY one night stand. Just a one night date, because he’s, you know, SENSITIVE! I mean, look at his shoe collection. Of course he is in touch with his feminine side!

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