What? You Want MORE Peter from the Cosby Show? Okay then!

Two months ago, I thought I found Rudy’s friend Peter from the The Cosby Show on an episode of Louie. Alas–it was not him–but apparently I am not the only person obsessed with the adorable chubby silent type as the post quickly became the second post popular entry in DVR Files history!

I want to pinch those cheeks!

In real life–the actor who played Peter Chiara  is named Peter Costa and he is right around my age (not 25, despite what you think!). He does not act anymore, unfortunately, but apparently he plays the drums in a few bands like Torrential Downpour, the Kreptaka Bar Band and PT Grimm, all based in New Jersey. Maybe I’ll go see him in concert!

I will not, however, let him make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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4 Responses to What? You Want MORE Peter from the Cosby Show? Okay then!

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  2. ben says:

    you should TOTALLY see them in concert — they are AWESOME!!!!!

  3. thedvrfiles says:

    OH MY GOD. Are you friends with Peter??? Give him my love! Hehe.

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