Well There Goes My Interest in Horse Racing!

First Luck was cancelled, now this!

I’ll have another beer, please, since I need to weep away my sorrows now that tomorrow night I will NOT be watching I’ll Have Another race in the Belmont Stakes, because homecolt has a swollen tendon and has consequently retired!

“Now that I’ll Have Another has retired, he can join me at the beach in Miami!”

I was SO looking forward to watching this 3 minutes or so on tv, as I’ll Have Another had already taken first place in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. If he raced tomorrow and won, he’d be the first horsie since 1978 to win the Triple Crown! Since I was born after 1978 (but not by much!) there has never been a Triple Crowner in my lifetime!!! And now I will have to wait at least another year! Life is so unfair! This is a First World Problem times 10!

And you know all the gamblers in Vegas are frothing at the mouth. This would have made such a good episode of Luck, but we’ll never know because people have no taste and the show got cancelled. There life goes again, being unfair to all of us First Worlders.

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