Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 4!

So I know Lent has been going on since Valentine’s Day so today is technically Day 19 of Lent (or maybe NOT) but Lent operates at a slow pace in my world. I gave up Candy Crush AND Two Dots and I deleted Facebook from my phone so I’ve been delirious with grief. You’d think that would give me more time to write, but instead it has given me more time to watch the 55 Datelines I have recorded on my DVR.

Keith Morrison stance

Keith would be proud.

But now the Oscars are on and I’m reminded that I once dreamed about being a movie star and instead I’m drinking diet root beer out of the bottle while waiting for my Brussel Sprouts to cook and, well, Fantine’s song “I Dreamed a Dream” comes to mind. But I don’t live in Hell, I live in New York City! Which yes, many people confuse with Hell but I know the truth. It’s more like Purgatory!

You know who likes New York City too? Brooklyn native and current Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel. I first discovered Kimmel in 1997 when he was the co-host of Win Ben Stein’s Money. He then went on to host the show that made me gain 40 pounds in college, The Man Show before becoming a late night staple in 2003 on the eponymous Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Oh hello.

Here’s the thing. I always assumed Kimmel was Jewish. That’s a compliment, of course. And then one day I was trying to figure out what year’s Win Ben Stein’s Money was on and yes, I am ashamed I had to google it, and lo and behold on Kimmel’s wikipedia page it said that he had an Italian mom and a German dad and he was raised Catholic and even served as an altar boy! Swoon!

I always liked Jimmy and forgave him for the whole Juggy-Girls-on-trampolines thing because he’s shown a lot of growth in the years since and has used his platform for a lot of good, including being a huge advocate for my beloved vaccines!

So congratulations, Jimmy Kimmel! Not only are you the host of the Oscars tonight, you are also The DVR Files’ selection for Hot Catholic of the Day!

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2 Responses to Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 4!

  1. Michelle N Fedder says:

    He, Leonardo DiCaprio and I are the sole members of my Italian/German Facebook Group.

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    Ha! A great combo for sure!

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