Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 5!

We all know how wonderful and kind Hollywood is to women over 30. We are considered SO fragile that they trot out women in their 20s to portray us, because why should we be acting when our delicate asses need to be spending our twilight years reading self help books and hoping and praying that a widower with grandkids will find us desirable and take us out for the blue plate special at Denny’s.

That’s why the Oscars were so inspiring last night, because they allowed not one, not two, but THREE women over 75 to present: Jane Fonda (80), Eva Marie Saint (93), and one hot broad I’ll get to in a sec. The oldest man, meanwhile, was Christopher Walken, who is a mere 74. Finally! Women win the battle of ageism!

Back to that hot broad. She’s 86 and still working today. She’s an EGOT. She starred as Sister Pete on one of my all time favorite shows, Oz. How appropriate, then, that she is the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 5. Yes, I’m talking about bad ass bitch Rita Moreno!


Rita is one of the women who is endlessly inspires me and it’s so appropriate to celebrate her during Women’s History Month. She won the 1962 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Anita in West Side Story. Fifty six years later she returned to the Oscars in the same dress! You go grown woman!

While a lit of people Rita’s age would retire on the beach, not her. She currently stars in the reboot of One Day at a Time, produced by the fellow fierce senior Norman Lear, 95. She’s living her best life ever and I’m proud to be a fan!

So congratulations, Rita Moreno, for being the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 5!


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