Other Celebrities Who Love Themselfies Too Much

Earlier today I illuminated the modesty of Kim Kardashian, who is as fresh and pristine as a dewdrop on a lily.


So innocent!

She is totally not the only celebrity who has exhibited such demure behavior.

For example, Nick Jonas needs some convincing to strip down to his true self.

Looks so real.

Looks so real.

Rihanna tends to hide behind a cloud of smoke.



Sofia Vergara prefers you to look at her behind because she is much too shy to show her face.

Well she would know.

This is like an optical illusion.

Demi Moore is so embarrassed that she is wearing sunglasses.

I blame Ashton.

I blame Ashton.

Hey, they can’t all be Geraldo.

Sorry world.

Sorry world.

So who is your favorite celebrity who likes to show off their true selfie at any opportunity?

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