Those Kardashians Are Way Too Modest!

Kim Kardashian needs to stop being so shy about her body.

Fooled ya!

Fooled ya!

Stop being so coy Kim!

So cute!

So cute!

You really need to come out of your shell.

Such a pretty bathroom.

Such a pretty bathroom.

Don’t be afraid to tell the world you’re proud of your womanly body.

Ray J loves it!

Ray J loves it! What, too soon?

Yes, you might be a new mom to baby North but you’re still a lonely woman whose man is always on the road. So why don’t you send him a nice picture to remind him what you look like?



Now, post that picture to Instagram where he can see it, along with your 10,413,197 followers.


Kanye, what do you have to say about this?



Yay! Looks Like North may gain a sibling in 9 months. Perhaps they will name it South since that’s where Kanye is headed. Zing!

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