Andrew Kelley Simons Used to Look Like Ben Affleck

Another day, another post about my brother Andrew Kelley Simons, soon to be world famous musician, according to John Oates.

Good looks run in the family. Have you SEEN me???

At any rate, Andrew is talented and a decent looking dude. No, I am not in love my brother. Ewww. That is so Game of Thrones. But I AM in love with the fact that if ever gets super rich he’ll buy me a nice couch.

But anyway, Andrew once a time was in high school and looked like a certain actor that I adored so much in the best miniseries of all time. Yes, I’m talking about Voyage of the Mimi. And si, I’m talking about Ben “Holy chickens is that all peanut butter?” Affleck.

Look at the evidence!

Could he be in a boyband?


What a fashionable male INDEED!








Now if only they’ll remake Mallrats . . . . 

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1 Response to Andrew Kelley Simons Used to Look Like Ben Affleck

  1. oakmdd says:

    The hits just keep on coming! I freakin’ LOVE Mallrats!!!!

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