Woww! JWoww is engaged!

Sorry lovers of big fake boobs and orange tans! JWoww is off the market!

Those Jersey Shore girls sure are growing up fast. First Snooki gave birth while I bought vegetables, and now Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s long term Oompa Loompa boyfriend Roger Mathews asked for her hand in holy matrimony.

Such a tasteful dresser, always.

Previous to getting engaged, J Woww explained what she wanted from her man:

“I just want a big ring. That’s all I care about – a big ring.”

Such class! I am sure they will spends lots of time in the spray tan booth together. That’s love.

Hopefully Pauly D is on the Jersey Shore love train (choo choo!) because I’d be willing to go out with him since he’s a just a nice Italian boy from Rhode Island. We could drink Del’s Frozen Lemonade together while snacking on stuffed quahogs!

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