Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 14!

It’s a Friday during Lent and I have not eaten meat yet today. I say “yet” because last Friday I ate a bacon donut by accident. What can I say? I was on vacation in Colorado. And no, I had not taken a legal puff that gave me the munchies, I was simply forgetful. My mom, who is way more devout than I, ate chicken that night. Hell-bound, we Simones are. So someone please text me at 6p tonight when I’m about to stop at McDonald’s and remind me to order a Filet-O-Fish instead of a Big Mac.


Send this guy over if you have to.

But this is not about me, this about the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 14 (albeit 17 days late). And yes, yes, while we have all agreed that it SHOULD be about me because I am the Hot Catholic of Lent, period, we need to give someone else a chance.



Lately I’ve been DVR’ing old movies airing on TCM. They rock because they don’t have commercials to fast forward through so I save a lot of thumb energy. Classic films and less exercise. A win-win situation. The other day I started watching  the 1952 flick The Quiet Man starring John Wayne, filmed in Ireland. I only got about 45 minutes into it, but I encountered such a beautiful lass that I was all STOP THE PRESSES, DVR Files! We’ve found our Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 14!

Maureen O’Hara!

Maureen O'Hara Quietman

Maureen is a Hot lots of things. Hot Ginger, Hot Hat-Wearer, and Hot Senior Citizen. Here is a picture of her at the 2014 TCM Film Festival when she was 93.


Home girl had good genes, I’ll say. Unfortunately, she died a year and a half later at the ripe old age of 95 on October 24, 2015. I bet she drank a Guinness with the Duke on St. Paddy’s Day in heaven!

So congratulations, my sweet and fiery Irish lass Maureen O’Hara, for being the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 14!

And seriously, someone text me tonight to remind me not to eat meat.


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