I Love Katie Couric!

Today I learned that Katie Couric is my cheap ass spirit animal. Home girl loves dollar pizza too!


New York City, where Katie and I both live, is known to be super duper expensive. Katie, owns a condo in Manhattan worth over $12 million. My apartment in Queens costs considerably less, but I do have to pay $11.99 a lb for regular old oven roasted turkey from the deli! And this is at the cheap neighborhood grocery store, not Whole Foods! Paying this much for turkey is almost the exact same thing as owning a really pricey home!

The one cheap thing you can get in NYC, however, is a slice at the dollar pizza place. $1 for a slice of cheese or $2.50 for two slices and a soda. Toppings cost $.50 extra. Soda is $1 a la carte. I love that Katie is so cheap that she only bought one plain slice and she didn’t even get a soda! In fact, I think she is even cheaper than I thought! See how there is an extra slice at the table? I think that slice belongs to the photographer taking Katie’s pic. And I bet he’s holding a soda! So those two tag-teamed and bought the two slices and a soda special to save an extra $.50! I love Katie Couric!

Now I want cheap pizza!

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